Xepta autobalance

Xepta autobalance

Xepta autoBalance is an automatic measurement and dosing system, which from the measurement of Kh

 (the measurement of calcium and magnesium available through the aBex expansion unit)

of the aquarium allows the accurate uptake of all the salts that the aquarium needs the proper growth and development of all species of coral.

Maintaining alkalinity at a constant value without time fluctuations is the key to success in mixed reef aquariums.

 The purpose of this automatic measuring equipment is to provide the user with this stability and,

in turn, to have the dosing channels integrated in the same equipment.

Xepta autoBalance is not just a measuring and dosing equipment, as well as our balanced XEPTA Reef Balance we can administer all the salts in a fully balanced way, achieving ion balance in the aquarium.

The team will determine the amount of chloride and sodium added to the aquarium using the Balance Reef and will alert the user

when these items are out of balance, the team will try to adjust the dosages to find the stability our aquariums need fully automatically.

The equipment has three dosing channels that are configured to use the XEPTA Reef Balance system.

Controlled via iOS / Android mobile application via Wifi connection Indication

of how the equipment operates via an indicator light Number of daily analyzes configured by the user User-adjustable equipment accuracy 3 dosing channels Low reagent level alarm No additional controller is required for its operation

Thanks to the head design that Kamoer has developed specifically for the autoBalance unit, we manage to control every drop of reagent, which gives the equipment excellent accuracy.

Accuracy with 40ml water pumped from the aquarium ± 0.07º dKH Accuracy with 50ml of water extracted from the aquarium ± 0.05º dKH Accuracy with 60ml water from the aquarium ± 0.04ºdKH

 Together with the aBex (AutoBalance Expansion) unit that measures calcium and magnesium,

it allows complete control of the three main components related to the development and proper development of hard corals, which will allow the user ignore these tasks and facilitate by maintaining mixed reef aquariums.

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