Solid & Carbon Filters 10''

Solid & Carbon Filters 10''

Fully compatible with all water filters and 10'' Reverse Osmosis systems on the market.

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10 ECOMIX D531 Resin and Activated Carbon Prefilter

The versatile 10" Resin and Activated Carbon ECOSOFT ECOMIX D531 contains a special mixture of activ..

19.80€ Ex Tax: 16.64€

10 G.A.C + KDF Activated Carbon Prefilter by AQUAFILTER

The high-quality G.A.C + KDF activated carbon filter from AQUAFILTER (USA) effectively reduces chlor..

15.01€ Ex Tax: 12.61€

10 Polyphosphate crystal filter

AQUAFILTER's 10'' Polyphosphate Crystal Filter contains a mixture of polymer metaphosphate compounds..

10 Softening pre-filter resin

ECOSOFT's softening filter is used to effectively and economically reduce hardness in any point of w..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 15.13€

10 solid activated carbon prefilter

Green Filters (Puricom) Carbon Block compact activated carbon pre-filter provides protection against..

16.01€ Ex Tax: 13.45€

10'' AQUAFILTER Solids Prefilter (1,5,10,20 sediment).

High quality solid particle prefilter 10'' made of polypropylene by AQUAFILTER (USA). NSF certified...

6.12€ Ex Tax: 5.14€


Reduces content of chlorination byproducts andsediments. Improve color, taste and odour of wate..

15.34€ Ex Tax: 12.89€

Ionicore SCCB - 0,5 micron

Ionicore SCCB - 0.5 micron are 10'' solid activated carbon filters, suitable for any domestic and co..

22.11€ Ex Tax: 18.58€


The MatriKX CTO solid activated carbon prefilters are the most popular and widespread prefilters of ..

27.79€ Ex Tax: 23.35€